Located at the Rodeo Airport in Southwest New Mexico,
we are dedicated to Excellence in Aviation.
Our services include quality aircraft maintenance, annual inspections, major repairs, major alterations, and aircraft rebuilding. We encourage owner-assisted annual inspections and are happy to offer tips and instruction on what maintenance that you, as an aircraft owner/pilot, can perform on your own airplane.

We will pick up your airplane and return it to you for annual inspections and major maintenance within a reasonable distance of Rodeo (free of charge.)  If you prefer to deliver your airplane to Rodeo yourself, we are happy to give you a lift home and pick you up when your airplane is finished (free of charge.)  For owner-assisted annuals, we will furnish a courtesy car and make lodging arrangements locally so you can be a part of the annual inspection process.  Would you rather we came to your airport and perform the maintenance in your hangar?  No problem.  We have an airplane capable of hauling most of our tools (and mechanic) to your location.  However, there is a fee for this service.  Contact us for a no-obligation estimate of the cost for us to come to you.

We offer individualized flight instruction in our Cessna 152 or your airplane – including biennial flight reviews. We have published the Youth Pilot Training Program for young people and Pre-Solo Basics Flight Manual for primary flight training.

Other services include aircraft brokering for both buyers and sellers. You will find our brokerage rates very competitive and if we don’t fulfill your requirements within the prescribed time-frame, you owe nothing. We only get paid if a transaction is satisfactorily completed.  Check out our Aircraft Sales Site here.

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