Youth Pilot Training Program


The Youth Pilot Training Program was developed specifically for the young aviator.

Do you know any young people who want to take flying lessons but feel they are too young? If they can reach the rudder pedals (even with the help of a pillow) – they can start flight lessons!

Twelve workbooks in a three-ring binder to be assigned as "homework" between flights. The workbooks follow a logical progression of training with questions at the end of each booklet. The questions are a great tool for pre-flight discussion.



Based on FAR 61.87 “Solo Requirements for Student Pilots."

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(Sample pages are available via PDF attachment, fax or US mail. Email us for a sample. Please specify the Workbook from which you would like the sample and email address, fax number or mailing address.)

"This is the best program I have seen. Keep up the good work.” Douglas Rossman, Pilot Examiner (Retired)

“Great job! Well thought out and well adapted. Excellent program.” William K. Kershner, Aviation Author, Award Winning Flight Instructor

"Within the workbooks lie some real gems that would be helpful to any student struggling with a particular task, because of the broken-down nature of the information. Chamberlain's style is clear and free of jargon, but manages not to talk down to the age group (s)he targets. The program is spare but clean…" AOPA Flight Training Magazine, April 2005

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