Rodeo Airport ~ NM70


Located in the beautiful San Simon Valley, Rodeo Airport has a graded, hard-packed surface. The runway is maintained year round and is usable even during the monsoon season. The airport is very nearly centered between the mountain ranges giving it excellent approach and departure corridors.

Although a technically a "private airport", visitors are always welcome. An email or a call ahead (877-209-7506) is appreciated so we can monitor the unicom frequency and give you an airport advisory when you arrive. There are tie-downs and a courtesy car available at no charge

The airport is listed on AirNav and GlobalAir. 

Follow this link for AirNav:  AirNav – Rodeo Airport – NM70

Follow this link for GlobalAir:  GlobalAir – Rodeo Airport – NM70

31-57-00 N 109-02-30 W
135°R @ 22 DME
from San Simon VOR
 (SSO 115.4)
CTAF 122.975
Elevation 4157 MSL
Runways 17 & 35
 6500 x 75
(Right Traffic Rwy 17)
Runway 17   Runway 35

Phoenix Sectional
(Not to Scale)

The weather at the Rodeo Airport:

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Airport Diagram – Not to Scale
Diagram Snip 2

Tips for Propeller Protection when Operating Off of a Gravel Surface
1. Keep the elevator fully up at all times during taxiing to keep the nose as high as possible
2. When adding power, add it slowly. A sudden “burst” of power can cause rocks to be drawn into the propeller blades.
3. Keep stopping to a minimum.  To get the airplane moving from a full stop requires a lot of power.
4. We have a concrete run-up pad available for pre-take-off checks and run-ups.

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