Aircraft Maintenance


We have been maintaining general aviation airplanes for over thirty years. From annual inspections to total refurbishing, we have earned a reputation of quality workmanship.

We totally rebuilt the Citabria shown here. All wooden spars were replaced, the fuselage tubing sandblasted and re-primed and all metal parts stripped and re-finished. An all new interior was installed, a new strobe light system and the instrument panel was upgraded.




We often get asked the cost of an annual inspection. It is a very hard question to answer. For an airplane we have been maintaining for a period of time, we can give a pretty accurate quote. For one we haven't seen before, it's almost like asking, "How long is a piece of string?" Sure, there are numbers we can throw out that sound good, but to give a firm number is impossible. For more of our thoughts on annual inspections, click here.

Whether it be aircraft interiors, major repairs and alterations, general maintenance or total rebuild, you can be assured that all the work will be performed by either Rick or Cleo personally. We also have the tools and equipment necessary for the retrieval of aircraft.

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