Aircraft Brokering


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We have been successfully brokering airplanes for over fifteen years. When we broker your airplane we treat the whole process as if it were our own airplane. We help you choose the best price that will give you the return on investment you need as well as being competitive on the current market.

Once we have gathered all the information on the airplane, we do all the work. We do the advertising, build a dedicated page on our brokering website for your airplane, provide information to potential buyers, negotiate a price, take care of the funds transfers and all the paperwork involved in closing the deal.


If you need professional expertise in your search for an airplane to purchase, we can help.  Give us the details on the airplane you want and we will help you find just what you are looking for.  We will negotiate the price, help you set up the inspections, advise you on the details of the inspections, take care of the paperwork and even arrange ferrying services if necessary.

We have a separate site for our Aircraft Brokering services with more details and lots of information on buying and selling an airplane.  Visit our brokering site here.